Find Opportunities

The "Find an Opportunity" web page offers lots of ways to find that perfect volunteer opportunity.  Before you click the link below, here's some information to help you with the search form.

While you are welcome to fill in any of the information in the left panel of the web page, at a minimum, we suggest that you select the following:

  • Zip Code -- Opportunities are presented based on the zip code, showing those that are closest to that zip code first.
  • Expand the "Appropriate For:" selection by pressing on the "+" and under "Age of Volunteer", select your age group.  That will filter out age restricted opportunities.
The rest is up to you.  Most of the choices are self-explanatory.

Once you press "SEARCH", the first 25 entries that match your selection will appear.  If your search  yielded more than 25 opportunities, there is a "Load More Opportunities" button at the bottom of the page.

Click on an entry in the Opportunity column of the results to get more specific information about the opportunity, including days/dates, requirements, location, and contact information.  Once you "Express Interest" (button at the bottom), you will be contacted by the opportunity leader.  If you don't get contacted, let the Volunteer Center know.  We're here to help you.

Click on an entry in the Organization column to get more information on the organization for which you would volunteer.  Also, there may be a link for other volunteer opportunities with that same organization.

Now, you're ready.  Follow this link to