Court-Ordered Volunteers

If you have court-ordered community service hours to complete, you may be able to find opportunities through the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center.


Step 1: Register

To sign up for projects or express interest to get contact information on opportunities, you must first be registered on this site.

Please note: Individuals who have been convicted of or charged with any crime involving or relating to child abuse or neglect, child pornography, child abduction, or any other violent offense, including kidnapping, rape or any sexual offense, or who have ever been ordered by a court to receive psychiatric or psychological treatment in connection with such crime or crimes are NOT permitted to register on this site.

Step 2: Notify Us

By law, you must notify any organization you wish to volunteer for that you have court-ordered community service hours to complete and provide information on the nature of your offense. Failure to notify the organization may result in an inability to verify hours completed.

Step 3: Find Volunteer Opportunities

There is one way to find volunteer opportunities where court-ordered volunteers are permitted. Please note: you MUST notify each organization of your offense and the number of hours you need to complete.

From the Search Opportunities Page
  • Enter all required information in the "Basic Search Box"
  • Be sure under "Additional Filters" you click "Appropriate For"
  • Check the box for "Court Ordered Volunteers"
  • Select any other filters you wish to search by
  • Click "Refine"
Step 4: Express Interest/Sign Up

Depending upon the type of project you select, you will be given the choice to:

  • Express Interest - the community organization will contact you directly with further information about the opportunity and how to sign up. An automated e-mail will also be sent to you, with contact information for the community organization, so that you can follow up with them if you do not get a response.
  • Sign Up - you will be automatically signed up for that project and will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all of the information you will need.
Step 5: Verify Hours

Whenever you attend a project, we strongly recommend that you get a community organization official to verify the hours you have served at the end of the project. It is often difficult to get verification of hours at a later date.

Please Note: The Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center is not able to verify any hours for projects that are not managed by us. If you have signed up to attend a Volunteer Center project, here is a community service log to help verify and track your hours.