Student Portal

Welcome!  This portal has been designed specifically for you, the student volunteer.  With information in this portal, you can do the following:
  • Find great volunteer opportunities easily and quickly that will help you meet your community service, volunteering, or service learning requirements;
  • Find training and leadership opportunities to enhance your college/work resume; and
  • Find a rewarding experience.  Volunteering is good for the soul, and there is nothing more rewarding than the smiles and the thank you messages that you get when you help someone.
You can use this portal to do the following:
  • Register -- Track your progress and make sure you get the credit you deserve for your volunteer activities.
  • Search for volunteer opportunities -- We have a great search engine that allows you search by keywords (e.g., animals, children, homeless) and allows you to filter opportunities so that you can find that perfect match.
  • Find Specific Student Volunteer Opportunities.  We've asked our non-profit partners to identify those opportunities where they really want student volunteers.  These pages will be continuously updated with new opportunities. Check back often!
  • Student resource page -- Find great resources for the first-time and veteran volunteer.  Learn how to use the opportunity calendar and how volunteer hours are tracked.
  • Be a volunteer leader -- Find out how you can gain important leadership training and experience.
So, are you ready?  Let's get started!
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