Student Registration

We need you to create an account so that we can best support you and to ensure you get the credit you deserve. 

IMPORTANT!  The Volunteer Center is funded by grants and corporate gifts.  There is never any charge for someone to use the Volunteer Center website or to be matched with a volunteer opportunity.

Before you click the link below to sign up, here's some information to help you with the form:

  • We must have your first and last name and your date of birth; a photo is optional.  We need your date of birth because individual volunteers must be 14 years or older to register.  Younger volunteers can still volunteer as part of a group.
  • We also need contact information.  We ask for your home city, state, and zip code so that we can calculate the approximate distance from your home to the volunteer opportunity location.  Other address information is helpful, because it allows us to contact you if you change your e-mail address and forget to update it on the site.  For place of employment, please enter your school.
  • Your e-mail address will be your username.  E-mail address is also required as we will typically communicate with you via e-mail.  We use your e-mail address to occasionally broadcast volunteer opportunities and to communicate with you about specific opportunities.  We only share it with organizations requesting volunteers when we are matching your skills to a specific volunteering opportunity.
  • Please select a good password; one you'll remember but not one that is easy to guess.
  • You don't have to receive general communications from either us or HandsOn Network unless you want to.
  • The Demographic and Volunteer Options section is optional but very helpful to us.  It is selected by clicking on the "+".
NOTE:  All of this information is held private by the Volunteer Center.  The only information that we will pass on to the organization seeking volunteers is your name and e-mail address.  Also, before clicking on submit, if you are under 18, we ask that a parent or legal guardian read the terms and conditions.

Now follow this link for registration -- REGISTER.