Volunteer Mobilization Center

In the event of a large scale emergency, the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management, in anticipation of an influx of unaffiliated and spontaneous volunteers, may request that the Volunteer Center open a Volunteer Mobilization Center (VMC).

Unaffiliated and spontaneous volunteers would be directed by local media to register themselves and their skills at the VMC.  VMC staff will be aware of local agency needs and will dispatch volunteers where they are most needed.  The VMC will be hosted at a library or large church near but not inside the perimeter of the affected area.

A plan is in place to activate the VMC but volunteers are needed to manage and operate the VMC, should it be requested.  If you are interested, please contact the Volunteer Center by sending an e-mail to .  The Volunteer Center will train volunteers to manage and operate the VMC and will also identify events and activities that these volunteers can participate in during the year that will hone those skills.

WANT TO VOLUNTEER DURING A DISASTER?  Make sure that your volunteer profile indicates that you have that interest.  Log into the Volunteer Center, select My Account and then Personal Information, and under Demographic and Volunteer Options, indicate...Yes, I would volunteer in times of disaster.  You will be placed on a special mailing list and informed whenever there is an exercise or a real event that you can participate in.  DO IT TODAY!!