Help with Selecting Skills

On the Skills Selection webpage, over 200 skills are listed under 22 categories.  The organization of those skills in categories was set by a collaboration of non-profits in the Hands-On Connect network.  As such, some skills may be difficult to find and some may be distributed among a number of categories.  This webpage was designed to make it easier to find your skills.

Listed below are key professions/skillsets, with information on where to find associated skills.  In addition, we have created an expanded list of skills by category and an alphabetic list of all of the skills.  We hope these aids will be helpful.

Also, the page will ask you if you ACCEPT INVITATIONS.  You must select "yes" if want the Volunteer Center to contact you when we identify opportunities that could use your skillset.

Advocacy -- while also listed under Animal Services for animal advocates, if you have skills in standing up for people and helping them to "navigate the system," select Advocate under the Civic Partnership/Advocacy/Legal Service category.

Construction -- These skills are logically organized under a Construction/Facilities Management category.  While there is a generic "Construction Specialties" skill listed, please rate yourself instead against the specific trades listed.  In addition, there is a Hazardous Materials Cleanup skill listed under Environment and Engineering.

Education/Instruction -- Find related skills under Business: HR/Knowledge Management/Legal, Education & Child Support, and Family Services & Counseling/Translation.

Engineering -- Engineering skills are primarily listed under the Environment and Engineering category but engineers will also find relevant IT-related skills under Business:  Technology.

Family Care -- These skills are distributed among Education & Child Support and Family Services & Counseling/Translation.

Food Preparation -- Look for these skills under Shelter/Food Bank/Special Event Support.

Fundraising -- Find these skills under Business: Business Development/Sales.

Graphics -- Graphics skills are listed under Business: Communications/PR.

IT/Computer Skills -- Look for these skills under Business: Technology.

Landscaping -- Gardening and landscaping are listed under Constructions/Facilities Management.

Languages -- Find translation and sign language skills listed under Family Services & Counseling/Translation.

Law -- Legal skills are listed under Business: HR/Knowledge Management/Legla and Civic Partnership/Advocacy/Legal Service.

Law Enforcement/First Responders -- These skills are listed under Civic Partnership/Advocacy/Legal Service and Disaster/Emergency/Health Services.

Marketing/Promotion -- These skills are distributed in Business: Business Development/Sales, Business: Communication/PR, Business: Marketing & Special Events, and Business: Strategy & Business Plans.

Medical Background -- Look for medical skills under Disaster/Emergency/Health Services.

Writing Skills -- Look for these skills under Business: Business Development/Sales, Business: Communication/PR, and Business Marketing & Special Events.

PLUS -- We have just added a new skill category -- Customer Service, which adds the skills, Quality Assurance and Case Management.

Do you have skills that are not listed on our website that you think would be helpful to our non-profit partners?