The Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center is turning 15 this year!  You are invited to be a part of the celebration of our milestone birthday!  The GREAT GIVE for 2015 lasts for 24 hours, between 6 p.m. May 5th and 6p.m. May 6th.  Learn more about GREAT GIVE donations now by clicking:

During the 24 hour giving period, you will be able to DONATE any amount that you want:  perhaps $15 for our 15 years of service to the community!    Remember every gift matters no matter the amount!  Our vision is to be the essential resource for volunteering for individuals, for businesses, and for the 360 nonprofits we support in the community. can be a part of making this vision a reality!  Every gift matters.  And, your gift to The Volunteer Center truly makes a difference.

Your donation of…

•    $15 enables a volunteer professional to engage students by visiting a local school and presenting volunteer opportunities.
•    $25 helps connect local youth with volunteer opportunities by distributing copies of the Youth Volunteer Guide to local libraries and schools.  The Guide provides information about hundreds of ways for youth in Anne Arundel County to serve and learn while applying their time and talents in our community.
•    $50 pays for 5 native plants to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed that volunteers will plant during our Save the Bay Day project in April.
•    $100 provides nonprofit organizations with volunteer coordination during events, so they can focus on their mission and program.
•    $250 funds one FLEX Volunteer Leader training class to equip and engage teams of FLEX Volunteers to work with local agencies on projects that increase an agency’s ability to serve its clients and fulfill its mission. Trained FLEX Leaders commit to help manage volunteer projects once a month for 3 to 5 months.
•    $500 underwrites tools and supplies for our Days of Service, such as 9-11 Day of Service, MLK Day and Family Volunteer Day. On these special days, we mobilize hundreds of volunteers of all ages and abilities to make a real difference in Anne Arundel County.
•    $1,000 helps sustain the Volunteer Center’s website  that incorporates a cloud-based searchable database. The website contains important information about programs and services of the Volunteer Center and links volunteers to a growing database of volunteer opportunities at nonprofit, governmental and faith-based agencies in/or serving Anne Arundel County.

Thank You!!

A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to our wonderful Event Committee and Event Staff:

Betsy Russo
Jen Jennings
Talia Grover
Gerry Troisi
Fay Mauro
Niecy Chambers
Bill Crabbs
Holli Dillard-Cranfill
John MacMillan
Kathy MacAdam
Emily Murray
Alison Quigley
Kelly Fetsko
Kayla Hertz
Bruce Morgenstern