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Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Office of School and Family Partnerships


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Anne Arundel County Public Schools! The Board of Education of is committed to ensuring strong home-school-community partnerships. Engaging our families and community in school programs is essential to improved academic success for all students. You, too, can join the AACPS 18,000 AACPS Volunteer Team who generously donate time and talents for our students and school communities. There are a wide variety of fulfilling volunteer opportunities available, from tutoring and mentoring students to assisting with office duties to beautification projects. The Office of School and Family Partnerships is happy to help you identify a particular type of program or school that matches your interests, skills, and location. You may already know the AACPS school in which you'd like to volunteer. If so, please call that school directly and ask for the "staff liaison to volunteers" or the "volunteer coordinator." School phone numbers can be found on the AACPS homepage http://www.aacps.org.

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