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Cats R Us, Inc. (Annapolis and Central County)


Cats "R" Us is a not for profit, feral cat rescue group that operates two small shelters in the county, one in Riva. mostly for the tame and adoptable cats and another in Arnold, mostly for feral cats. The organization's main focus is to to trap. neuter and return cats. This means that both stray and feral cats already living outdoors are humanely trapped, sterilized and marked for identification. The group oversees care for some 600 to 700 cats a year, many of which are just unfortunate cast-offs. They do not accept giveaways despite the half dozen calls received daily. Operated as an open shelter, where the cats are free to roam about and interact with each other, the four legged residents enjoy all the comforts of a home within the confines of an upscale shed. Cats "R" Us also is a no-kill facility. Cats remain as long as it takes for them to become acquainted with domestic living arrangements and find a permanent home. Some 250 cats were adopted last year.

Animals, Families, Immigrants, Refugees or Ethnic Groups, Low-income Communities, LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender)
Annapolis, MD, 21403
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