Partners In Care is looking for volunteers who have basic 'handyman' skills and would enjoy helping seniors tackle small honey-do's that they either don't know how to do or can no longer do.  Bringing in a plumber or electrician or carpenter for a simple installation or repair can be very expensive, especially on a fixed income.  Hours are very flexible and you only commit to those jobs you are comfortable doing.  Your assistance will not only be appreciated, but you will also meet some really nice people and get tremendous satisfaction for a job well done.

Partners In Care, a 501(c)3 community nonprofit, was founded 24 years ago to help older adults remain independent in their own homes.  The organization has more than 3,200 members who are engaged in a unique culture of time exchange, neighbors helping neighbors.  Using this service-exchange model, people contribute their time and talents to the ‘community pool’ to accomplish requested tasks.  Every person is asked to participate to become part of the solution.  In this way, assets already in the community are identified and utilized, accomplishing more than in traditional models.  And, as a result, people are empowered to remain independent.  Their website is


Please consider volunteering to help our area's seniors

If you are interested, please click here to provide a brief statement of your qualifications and relevant background for this volunteer opportunity.


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